Sustainability | Ginger


Le Masciare

When we designed Ginger, we wanted it to be sustainable for the environment: for this reason we chose to control as much as we could in the supply chain. Some of the Italian products that you taste at our tables come straight from Le Masciare, our organic and sustainable farm in Irpinia. There we make some of the wines that you can find in our list, and an excellent extra-virgin olive oil which for years now has been extremely positively reviewed in the Slowfood guide. We use it while cooking and we provide it to our clients to dress their dishes and salads. From Le Masciare we also bring a selection of preserves and delightful jams, which are used every day in our kitchen. 

Azienda agricola: campo di grano

What we don't produce ourselves, we buy from small farms that have a green vision and a special attention for the environment and for the planet where we live in. Many of the farms that we have selected are local ones, therefore we try to keep CO2 emissions linked to logistic and transport at a minimun level. 70% of the products that we serve to our customers come from organically certified farms, such as the meat that we cook for you. Our fishe come from a certified supply chain: we prefer seasonal products, fished when they are adult, that belong to species that are not at risk of extinction and that come from regional seas or from certified fish farms.

Even the exotic foods, for whom we had to find international suppliers, come from small farms that we chose for their respectful production methods and for their respect for nature and for the food itself. 

Ginger piantina di basilico

In our shops, we applied solutions to minimize energy waste and CO2 emissions. We only serve water that we bottle here: tap water passes through our disinfection and mineralization system and then is bottled in our glass bottles. In this way every day we cut every day the very high environmental cost of transport (with its CO2 emissions) and plastic. We make everything we can to avoid wasting electricity and water, in collaboration with Electrolux and Rational: all our machines are the best on the market for energy efficiency and savings. Furthermore, all the taps in our toilets are sensor activated, in order to reduce water consumption. These are little actions to show our respect for the only planet we have to live on, and to make our activity a bit more green every day.