Ginger Sapori e Salute - Rome
Ginger Bistrot

Every day, from breakfast till dinner, Ginger Sapori e Salute is the taste of goodness: our recipes are healthy, our foods are carefully selected and we choose to act responsibly to keep our impact sustainable. Savor the energy and vitamins in smoothies and milkshakes, delight your mouth and your eyes with salads and tasty dishes, try rich gourmet sandwiches, pair your meal with an Italian wine and enjoy our bright atmosphere.

From the heart of Rome, to your heart. 

Avocado: eat healthy


We are what we eat. That's why we use our experience and creativity to design deliciously healthy recipes, as a proper diet is essential to achieve and mantain good health. We choose foods and cooking methods that are nutritious and beneficial for your health. We use only the best ingredients to help you live longer and happier!

Cacao: eat organic


We carefully select our suppliers whether they are local or international, because we are always looking for high quality in the foods that we select and serve. That's why 70% of the products in our menu come from organically-certified agriculture. We are committed to respecting the environment and we love the taste of these genuine ingredients.

Sustainable Ginger


Our cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet and on sustainability. We want to be part of a sustainable supply chain, we favor small local farms and we opt for those suppliers that respect the environment and our seas. And finally, to give you only fresh and natural tastes, we have four different menus, one for each season.

Our seasonal dishes